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May 29, 2012
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Worldbending, Air Nation by Pugletz Worldbending, Air Nation by Pugletz
Worldbending - Air Nation; South America (Inca)

I actually based the Andean Airbenders off more commonly-known Inca dress. :)

I’m totally biased though, so I made another one - this time, an actual Avatar…AND HE’S A KING, so there ya go~

Air Nation: [link]
Headcanon: [link]

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SilverQ10 Aug 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This is beautiful!
hvk May 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

An avatar king? Truly the most clear case of Asskicking Equals Authority!
Me encanta!
jlpintado Jun 1, 2012
Spectacular, a difficult job but nice
Good design :D
Really cool, wow!
This is beautiful!
MissBean101 May 29, 2012
Very cool, I like his design. :)
Patousky96 May 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm Peruvian so I live in the regions where the Incas used to live. I find it really difficult to imagine an Inca being an airbender because they where really strong and big people. I imagine Incas being earthbenders or firebenders just like the Mexican Avatar you did (which I love!!). But I think I stick with the idea they would have been earthbenders because of the architecture Incas used to have. Structures like Machu Picchu where made just with big rocks perfectly placed like a big puzzle, they are so perfectly positioned that not even a piece of paper can go between the rocks! Incas also used a lot of gold and silver which they extracted from the mountains they lived in which where really rich in metals and minerals. Oh oh, also they had this enormous road called the Capac Ņam which the Chasquis travelled by foot with messages from one little village to another that went from coast to mountains and jungle. This Chasquis had to be really strong people who could endure the low temperatures of mountains and had to be really well fed (with dried meat called charqui). That are the reasons why I imagine an Inca being an earthbender...

Apart from that, I LOVE YOUR design! I saw it and I immediately knew he was an Inca! He looks a lot like Manco Capac (what reminds me of the story of the Incas coming out of a they're like totally waterbenders, LOL).

I hope you don't take my comment in a bad way because your art is incredible and I still fav this because all your concept of Worldbending is super awesome!

Ok, byee have a great day (:
I agree! I really like the Air design but earthbending makes more sense to me.

I'm half Bolivian, so I grew up on stories of the mines at Potosi and the Incan kings. I remember one, Pachacuti (I think his name meant "he who shakes the earth" or something similar), who was such a strong leader that the stones rose up to fight with him against his enemies. Plus Andean stone architecture is incredible!
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