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November 9, 2012
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Remembrance by Pugletz Remembrance by Pugletz
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Casually emerging from the depths of sleeplessness just to cripple you with feels.

I recommend you download it, because it's 5003 x 708px and the DA preview does not do it justice.
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What I liked: The strokes and colors for the background transition very fluidly, as does the ground which the characters stand on; The movement through the ages is very identifiable, meaning you can clearly see the resemblance to the other characters, as is the relation of the characters to each other for the most part; looking closer, the strokes are very defined, the colors are vibrant, meaning you couldn't mistake the artwork for black-and-white, and the detail shows clear thought of how the characters would be through their ages; The Emotion in the piece is captivating and makes the last shot hit pretty hard.
What I think you can improve on: If someone, not knowing anything about Avatar:The Last Airbender, saw this they would likely assume they were a couple rather than brother and sister. two things you could have done are put the mother in the first slide to show their relation or put Aang in the third and show Katara's relation to him; Because it's from a widely popular series, it loses some of its originality and It loses more from the fact that it's done in a common "aging man" style.
How I saw it overall:This art form is Not one you'd usually see in The Avatar Fan group and It's a beautiful piece. Good Work.
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Wow, this is amazing. I'm not a huge avatar fan, but my sister is. Thus, I've seen every episode at least twice. This is great because it links Avatar with Korra. (I know they were both avatars, I'm talking about the different shows) Not only that, but it's just straight-up good looking! You did a great job with the water tribe clothing, and by the way you did the ground you can tell they went back home before Sokka died. This is an emotional piece of work, also. However, If I had done this, I would have taken out the panel at the end, and continued the line, but the last one being without Sokka there. Still, I didn't make it so, great job!
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hopelessromantic721 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014   Traditional Artist
You probably have heard this a lot but I honestly had tears in my eyes watching fhis. It's such a powerful image of a walk cycle of siblings growing up and it's ending is just too heartbreaking but touching at the same time to handle. It hits right where the feels starts if we all have that one sibling we connect better than words could describe. 
itachixsakura7777 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
wow :wow:
ZachValkyrie Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Student Writer
...Damn you and your confounded feels!
Frofrokacho Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I've never even SEEN Avatar, and this still made me feel the feels.
Omnifighter1 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice work on the timeline, and that last scene is very sad, but what are the ages?
zevl Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
Strong idena :clap:
Selene-Dreamwalker Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014
I am crippled with feels, yes I is. And you are wonderful for it. Waaaah! 
josegoncalo Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Torotise01Swe Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So amazing artwork. Love Sokka and Katara's relationship <3
Alcubilla95 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
IAJusty Esta te decia
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